Cookies and Rain -or- On my move back to France

Cookies really are the savior of an overseas, over packed, delayed flight. It was over two years ago, but this one goes out to that savior provider, you know who you are, that was able to stuff Milano double stuffed chocolate cookies into my carry on bag without my knowledge. The pure joy that lit…

Au Pair Basics

Getting a job as an Au Pair is a great way to get abroad, being one of the most common jobs for young female foreigners in Europe. It was how I originally was able to fund my move abroad, and is also one of the easiest, fastest and possibly cheapest ways to obtain a long-term visa, especially for France, where it originated.


Let’s talk about the basics, shall we?

27 Questions to ask your potential Host Family

  I had absolutely no idea what questions to ask a host family when I had my first Skype interview. Everyone knows the basics, of course. The money, daily hours, and living arrangements. But more specific questions were left out, because, well um, basically I had no clue of their existence. So be aware each…

How to find a job as an Au Pair

Ok, so if you happen to be one of those annoying few people in the world that has never needed a part-time job, there are two things in life you should know: #1 We’re all insanely jealous of you. #2 That waitressing gigs you have throughout college never really add up to vault sized savings.…