Au Pair Basics

Getting a job as an Au Pair is a great way to get abroad, being one of the most common jobs for young female foreigners in Europe. It was how I originally was able to fund my move abroad, and is also one of the easiest, fastest and possibly cheapest ways to obtain a long-term visa, especially for France, where it originated.


Let’s talk about the basics, shall we?

27 Questions to ask your potential Host Family

  I had absolutely no idea what questions to ask a host family when I had my first Skype interview. Everyone knows the basics, of course. The money, daily hours, and living arrangements. But more specific questions were left out, because, well um, basically I had no clue of their existence. So be aware each…

How to find a job as an Au Pair

Ok, so if you happen to be one of those annoying few people in the world that has never needed a part-time job, there are two things in life you should know: #1 We’re all insanely jealous of you. #2 That waitressing gigs you have throughout college never really add up to vault sized savings.…