Jumangi & Ducking

I’ve always had depression. It’s a part of myself I have had to deal with on a daily basis for as long as I can remember. I’m writing this because I’m allowing 2018 to be my year of kind honesty. And I think that might be something we’re all craving these days. To be open…

Minty Fresh 2018

Fresh year, Fresh start. Honestly, I believe any day of any month can be the start of something new, but we like those nice round numbers and starting points, so let go along with it for the sake of january’ s ego, it likes to be number one and resolution central.   So I meditate…

Lost Luggage and a Bribe -or- India Series I

First, there was Rajan. After a 14 hour flight and the airline having lost my luggage, I was walking out of the New Delhi airport empty handed and having no clue where to meet with my yoga teacher training group. As I shuffled nervously toward the exiting doors, that’s where I first saw Rajan, leaning…

Au Pair Basics

Getting a job as an Au Pair is a great way to get abroad, being one of the most common jobs for young female foreigners in Europe. It was how I originally was able to fund my move abroad, and is also one of the easiest, fastest and possibly cheapest ways to obtain a long-term visa, especially for France, where it originated.


Let’s talk about the basics, shall we?